Calf Support

BDT৳ 500.00 BDT৳ 480.00

  • EFFECTIVE INJURY SUPPORT. Meticulously designed to provide support to the calf and shin from former injuries such as sprain, strain, medial tibial stress syndrome and more, aid in the prevention of further injuries, and provide therapeutic compression on an already injured shin or calf sustained from athletic or occupational activities.
  • VARIABLE COMPRESSION SYSTEM. The warmth of the materials used such as neoprene combined with the adjustable straps provides a heated compression which helps warm the muscles which increase blood circulation promoting pain relief and rapid healing.
  • MEDICAL GRADE MATERIALS. The materials used underwent rigorous testing and development to ensure the highest quality and output. Made from lightweight neoprene fabric that is soft and breathable for comfort at the same time virtually indestructible and hard-wearing. Equipped with adjustable straps for quick fastening.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST. Fully adjustable calf brace for superior support and fits either the right or the left leg. From a wide range of body types to any appropriate age and event this brace will provide a comfortable and snug fit for both men and women



  • Free yourself from every shin and calf pain with the Bodyprox Calf Support Brace!
  • Perfect for the treatment of calf strain, fibula stress fracture, lower leg contusion, deep vein thrombosis, shin splints or medial Tibial stress syndrome/medial traction periostitis, anterior shin splints (anterior compartment syndrome), and prevents calf muscle strains.
  • This is the ultimate compression support that you need! There’s no need to look elsewhere and no need to add another gear! This is not your ordinary compression socks; this is your PREVENTION and RECOVERY Calf Support Brace. 

Run More. Go The Distance.

Weight: 200 grams


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